When new employees join your Sacramento team.

When new employees join your Sacramento team.

A new job is a little bit like marrying into a family. It can feel welcome or stressful, and first impressions really matter. A structured and thoughtful onboarding process for all new hires will go a long way to ensure employee retention and boost manager satisfaction.


  • Start by creating a plan – Effectively onboarding new employees doesn’t start or end with filling out payroll information in the HR department. Spelling out your company’s culture is key. How was the company started? What are your goals? Where does the newbie fit? Communication is the key to understanding your company’s culture.


  • Begin before their start date – After you’ve hired them – send a welcome message from the top brass or supervisor with specifics – where and when to report, what to expect in the first week. Be clear about reporting relationships. Be enthusiastic about their potential… you’ve just made an investment!


  • Tell your team too – Announce your new hire with enthusiasm – it’s important to be clear about reporting relationships. Assign a mentor who can help integrate your newest member into the team.


  • Follow up is essential – Make a policy to have a formal milestone schedule – 30, 60, 90 days for instance. Check in and chat – make a checklist of goals to discuss. Although you want to give your feedback about their performance, also listen for their concerns. The feedback should go both ways.


  • There is a payoff – Studies show that good onboarding practice leads to employee retention.


  • We spend about one-third of our lives at work – let’s make it matter!


Maya Angelou said, “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people WILL NEVER FORGET how you made them feel.”