A6 Agency

A6 Recruitment Agency is a registered Small Business® that has achieved a successful track record in the light industrial job sector by providing one-to-one attention and solutions that enable your business to increase productivity.

Our services

A6 Recruitment Agency provides you with a talented management team that will administer your recruitment needs on-demand, focusing on training and retention of temp employees for short or long-term assignments.


We provide ​personalized payroll services with time and attendance solutions to fit your needs. We can provide payroll information weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or whatever suits your schedule.

24/7 Live Support

A6 Recruitment Agency takes great pride in providing excellent client support services by assigning a small team of professionals that will know and understand your business needs to help you every step of the way.

On-site management

A6 Recruitment Agency can provide on-site professional supervision services that will handle various aspects of the temp employment process. We can help manage client operations by providing knowledge, administrative services, training, and management oversight to enhance on-site productivity.