Stanford Youth Solutions

Be Part of an Exclusive Team    

There are many nonprofits here in the Sacramento region that you could apply to.

Why choose Stanford Youth Solutions?

First and foremost, we place the needs of the children and families we serve above all else. Everyone works hard to produce real results. Stanford Youth Solutions exists to help our children and families reach their goals. In the final analysis, we exist for them.

While all staff take the Stanford Youth Solution’s Mission seriously, it is more than a slogan recited or placed on a wall. It permeates everything we do. As individuals, programs and as an agency, we have a singular focus on achieving our Mission. Our employees understand their part to play and are accountable to each other and the clients that we serve.

Stanford Youth Solutions believes in being caring as well as competent. All nonprofits care about the people they serve, however we place an equal importance on being competent. Not only competence in the sense of the having the right degrees, licenses, training, etc, but also in terms of being proficient in helping children and families actually achieve their goals.

Stanford Youth Solutions reinforces and supports employees in their jobs. It is very important that our employees feel encouraged in their work helping children and families achieve success.

Stanford Youth Solutions is committed to help our staff grow as professionals and leaders. Through our leadership training curriculum, you will learn skills that will help develop you professionally. We reward performance through merit based compensation and have an employee development process that provides regular support and feedback.

Stanford Youth Solutions values collaboration and has many committees that all employees have an opportunity to participate in. These committees help make tangible decisions that guide Stanford Youth Solution’s future. The chairs of our committees are often times our direct care practitioners and support staff.

If this sounds like an environment in which you would shine, we want to talk to you! Please continue to view our current openings and apply as appropriate. Good luck to you in your employment search.