Integrated Fire Systems

Integrated Fire Systems, Inc. is a growing fire and life safety company in the Sacramento area. We focus mainly in fire sprinkler and fire alarm testing, inspections, and monitoring. We are growing into the installation side as well.

We succeed by delivering outstanding performance. We believe in service beyond expectation achieved through a constant desire to anticipate and fulfill evolving customer needs.

The honesty, intelligence and commitment of our people are vital to Integrated Fire Systems, Inc.’s mission. We share pride in the company and respect each individual’s contribution at every level. Exemplary customer relationships drive Integrated Fire Systems, Inc.’s growth and prosperity.

Integrated Fire Systems, Inc. is dedicated to pushing the limits of excellence, standing at the forefront to provide the finest and healthiest environments attainable in the industry. Integrated Fire Systems, Inc. always strives to exceed its best.

The team at IFS is a cut above our competition! Each field technician is highly trained in their field; our fire alarm technicians all hold their fire and life safety certifications, and our fire sprinkler technicians are exceedingly trained in NFPA 25 codes and standards. The office staff is well in tune with our field staff, and holds our customers’ needs to the highest regard. Our goal at IFS is to make our customer’s involvement in their fire and life safety needs as effortless as possible.