Tiny Tots Parent Participation Preschool

Tiny Tots Preschool is a nonprofit parent participation school. Here, everyone plays an important role in the operation of our facility and in the well-being of our students. The help of each Tiny Tots family is essential in keeping this unique program alive. Through our collaborative efforts, we provide a strong sense of community, a dynamic and diverse education, and a safe and loving environment for our children.

Our curriculum is designed to help develop each child's social, emotional, physical, and cognitive skills through our 
play-based program. We believe that play is how children naturally learn. Play is children's work. As children play in preschool, they lay the groundwork for the more specific and formal academic learning which will follow.

Our school also brings benefits for parents and guardians. We allow and encourage parents to actively participate in their child's education. We also provide a parental support system, and a community for family development.

Tiny Tots Preschool welcomes children and their families from all ethnic, religious and social backgrounds.