Gemini Bio Products

Gemini Bio-Products founder Bert Polan recognized early on in the 1980’s that the cell culture industry would continue to play an integral role in medical research and development. Our emerging company’s focus and niche was–and still is–producing consistent, high quality products, coupled with exceptional, personalized service to our clients. The company began operations in Southern California (Calabasas) in 1985, with marketing activities targeting the research and bio-tech community between San Diego and San Francisco. As a result of our success and positive feedback from our customer base, the company consistently expanded the sales force to be able to service the entire U.S. By 1999, the company moved its operation to Northern California (Woodland) to more effectively service the demand for its products. It underwent an additional expansion to a 14,000 square foot manufacturing facility in West Sacramento, its current headquarters, in 2006. Today, a sales force of fifteen and an international distribution network serves cell culture laboratories worldwide.