Evolution Air, INC

Evolution Air, Inc. is a full service commercial HVAC service provider, established March 1, 2010 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Engineer Mechanical Contractor, Inc.(EMCI).

Evolution Air has a rich history of knowledge and experience backing the company and is proud to share its "evolution" with you here:

1994 - EMCI was established as a commercial HVAC contractor in Sacramento, CA and there began its rise to becoming a leading contractor in the low-temp, high-efficiency HVAC marketplace.

1996 - A sheet metal shop was established to fabricate duct work and fittings for EMCI projects, ensuring availability and timely delivery of key system components.

2002 - A service department was created in order to provide basic HVAC services to current and former EMCI construction customers.

2009 - EMCI moved its operations to a larger facility located in Rocklin where the sheet metal shop was upgraded with the latest fabrication technologies and the service department was expanded to become a stand-alone, full service, commercial HVAC service provider...

2010 - Evolution Air, Inc. opened for business.

And the rest (as they say), is history!