FlexCare Medical Staffing

FlexCare isn't a newbie to healthcare travel. As one of the most decorated travel nursing agencies in the nation, we've built strong relationships with thousands of healthcare facilities in the United States. As a result, we can provide our healthcare travelers with exclusive opportunities not found anywhere else. This also isn't our first rodeo. Our focus has always been to find the best healthcare professionals in the industry and help them create their dream careers. 

Help Us Heal the Nation

Do you want to help us by building relationships with awesome nurses or clinicians who are healing the nation? We’re always searching for highly motivated and talented individuals who care about what they do, never stop trying to achieve success, and are looking for a company with exceptional growth potential.

As one of the leading travel healthcare staffing agencies in the nation, FlexCare Medical Staffing, was founded in 2006 to help address the chronic staffing issues present at many healthcare facilities around the country. Since then, FlexCare has steadily and organically grown into one of the top-rated travel nurse companies in the country. 

We're real people helping awesome healthcare travelers - and we wouldn't have it any other way.

Join us!