Tea Bar & Fusion Cafe

When we first dreamed of TBar & Fusion Cafe, we wanted to do something unique and exciting with tea. Why not say goodbye to traditional, boring tea and shift the paradigm to something unique, refreshing and fun?  We did just that!

We opened our first location in Chico, Calif. in 2004, where we concocted a unique fusion of frozen, frosted, sparkling, steamed and iced tea libations. Realizing that people like to eat as well, we then applied our "fusion of flavors" approach to delicious and healthy fusion bowls and wraps.

Our fresh take on a 5000-year-old beverage has caught on. Our guests enjoy tea like they've never had it before. We're humbled and grateful to have served so many day after day, year after year.

Some might call TBar & Fusion Cafe a tea revolution. Shucks--you make us blush!  All we know is that we're having a great time and we love it when you join us.  Come in and join the tea revolution!