Hypersonix, Inc.

Hypersonix is a fast growing, venture-backed software company seeking to revolutionize how companies and their leaders can make great decisions quickly.  The company offers a cloud-based easy to use “Google for Enterprise” analytics experience to empower business users through a high-performance Unified Data Analytics Platform (UDAP).  The company  leverages the latest Artificial Intelligence innovations such as Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning (AutoML), In-memory computing, and automated data-science based insights.  Our software is used by leading commerce companies including retailers, restaurants, eCommerce, and hospitality organizations focused on serving consumers.

With headquarters in San Jose, California, Hypersonix helps our clients make money and save money through data-driven decision making.  The system can dynamically help leaders understand how their business is doing, understand why they are performing well or poorly, and determine what to do about it going forward.