Therapeutic Pathways


Motivated by Caring, Supported by Science

Our mission is to improve the lives of everyone we serve through state-of-the-art behavior analytic treatment and research.



In order to provide evidence-based treatment, we need to have the data to back it up. We provide individualized, scientifically-validated treatments that enable our clients to reach treatment goals as quickly as possible and change their lives for the better. We are committed to using data to guide decision-making during treatment and to do what works best for each client. Treatment fads come and go, but it’s a scientific approach that will ultimately provide a complete understanding of autism spectrum disorders, just as it has for other medical conditions. We firmly support the answers provided by a scientific approach and base all clinical practice on that science.


We understand that autism spectrum disorders deeply impact the client and their family. Our intensive work focuses on our clients, but of course, touches their families and caregivers. Our treatment ensures to include the family at all levels, whether this be in the early stages of assessment or with parent training. We work to form partnerships with parents and caregivers to maximize progress. With this partnership, our programs help to educate and align all those involved behind current best practices so that full potential is realized.

Compassionate Care

We feel honored by opportunities we have to help clients and families achieve their goals and overcome any barriers to leading happy and productive lives. Our commitment is for
each client to meet specific treatment goals and become more functional within their family, school, and community. We provide a realistic vision of a future that is achievable through hard work of the client, the family, and our staff. We highly value integrity, honesty, and professionalism in all our undertakings with clients, their families, and partners in health care.


Our staff are our most valued resource, as is their commitment to improving the lives of our clients.  Since we strive for long term relationships within our team, we realize the importance of investing in each employee. This happens through professional opportunities at all levels. Investing in the long term includes educational assistance, internships, and supervision towards BCaBA®, BCBA® & RBT® certifications.


Our vision is that people throughout the world may benefit from our treatment model. In order to accomplish this, we regularly have visitors from all over the globe visit our centers to meet our staff and learn how we provide treatment.


We Do What Works

Science does not yet have all the answers about the causes & treatment of ASD but it has helped identify proven treatments. The field of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) has identified a number of specific treatment techniques that consistently show positive results. We have had great success in helping children and adolescents achieve independent functioning by following and building on this approach.

We know that a somewhat accelerated rate of treatment intensity is needed because we’re trying to help individuals with developmental delays learn at a faster-than- normal rate. That’s really the only way for them to catch up to their typically developing peers. In terms of measurements, it means we’d like to see individuals with delays achieve more than one month’s growth for every month spent in treatment.

In planning treatment intensity, we are very careful to structure it so that it is appropriate for the individual.

We know from experience that there’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all for our clients. A typical intervention averages 20 – 40 hours of therapy per week and structured peer interactions are part of every individual’s program by the end of the first year of treatment. We also identify the children who benefit from placement in small group settings and have them "shadowed" by a therapeutic aide; so as they participate in playgroups, school classroom and community settings, we can help ensure progress in these challenging environments.

Parents trust us to help their children with Autism Spectrum Disorder because of our experience and the results we’ve achieved.

Our evidence-based treatment programs reflect clinical approaches found to be effective in more than 300 research studies involving children and adolescents with autism and other developmental delays.

Our intensive work focuses on our clients, but of course touches their families, caregivers, other educators and administrators. In this way, our programs help to educate and align all those involved behind current best practices so that full potential is realized and independence is achieved.

Our staff are our most valuable resource.

The Kendall Centers offer intensive behavior and language therapy for individuals with autism. We conduct research-based intervention using the science of applied behavior analysis. Positions available in Northern California: East Bay Area (Dublin), Greater Sacramento Area (including Elk Grove) and Central Valley (Stockton, Lodi, Modesto, Turlock, Tracy, Manteca). Staff work in a variety of locations including centers, homes, school, and the community.