$200 to serve on research project

  • Litigation Focus Groups
  • Sacramento, CA, USA
  • Jun 03, 2021
Contractor Media-Journalism Other Restaurant-Food Service Retail Warehouse

Job Description

We are looking for participants for a current events discussion on Tuesday, July 27th, and Wednesday, July 28th, 2021 from 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. PST. You will only be participating on one of these dates.


 The pay is $200 and is paid at the end of the project by either PayPal or check in the mail, whichever you prefer.

No experience necessary and we welcome homemakers, students, retirees, current employees, highly educated, no formal education, people with expertise, and people with no expertise in anything!

It is a way to earn money and do something nearly everyone loves – talking and giving opinions that really matter to someone….and get paid for it.




We will be holding the research at a local conference room. We do not ask for personal information, try to hawk anything to you. We just want your opinions! We don’t want your personal information so don’t even try to give it to us. We just want your brainpower.


Please be advised these research projects may contain material that some may find disturbing. If you are unwilling or unable to hear about, see or read such material, please refrain from applying.


You must:

Be able and willing to maintain confidentiality

Not be currently called for jury duty

Be Eligible to vote, but not necessarily registered

Be able to stay the entire project.

Give intelligent thoughts and opinions about the subject matter.

Be willing to sign a comprehensive, legally binding confidentiality agreement.

Agree to be videotaped to be viewed only by the associated parties, and not for public use.

By responding to this ad, you are signifying your agreement to the above-referenced requirements.


To apply, please respond to this ad with the following information and only for the purpose of assembling a research team comparable to the demographic of the appropriate jurisdiction: (Note we do not share this information for ANY purpose and do not work with other companies in data sharing. I only need a telephone number to contact you in the event we have a last-minute emergency. You can choose to not provide the telephone contact number if you wish):



Telephone number

Email Address

Area of town you reside



Age category

How many research projects of any kind you have served on in the last 12 months?

Which national news station you typically watch

If you voted in the last presidential election, for which party did you vote?


None of the answers negatively affect your application and again, are only solicited for the purpose of filling an accurate demographic for the appropriate jurisdiction.

If selected, we will contact you via email and confirm with a letter containing location and other information you will need.

Thank-you kindly for your interest.