Jun 20, 2022

Career Pathways Family & Youth Partnership Student Intern

  • Stanford Sierra Youth & Families
  • Sacramento, CA, USA
Full time Nonprofit-Social Services

Job Description



Family and Youth Partnership Student Interns (Interns) have personal (lived) experience participating in the system of care as a consumer and/or as a parent/caregiver, and have the skills, training and experience to perform the functions of their role.  Peer Partners Interns have four key functions: (1) to ensure families (parents, caregivers, and youth) are equal partners -if not leaders- in the development and implementation of their service plans; (2) to represent the needs and perspectives of families (parents, caregivers, and youth) to internal and external stakeholders and decision makers within the system of care; (3) to ensure that families (parents, caregivers, and youth) have access to a comprehensive array of prevention and support services that meet their individual needs; and (4) to ensure that these services are family-centered, easily accessible, respectful of cultural, ethnic and other community characteristics, and stigma free. The Peer Partner Intern serves as an advocate for parents/caregivers and considers the whole family in system planning.”  Peer Partners Interns perform these functions through the tasks, roles, and responsibilities that are assigned by the Family and Youth Partnership Leadership and described below. Supports the Mission, Vision, and Values of the agency.



Education & Experience

·Experience as a parent or caregiver of a child with a serious emotional disturbance receiving, or having previously received, services within the public systems, including: mental health, child welfare, or juvenile justice

·Basic knowledge of Public Mental Health/Child Welfare/Education systems, and the ability to advocate on the behalf of clients in navigating and negotiating those systems, preferred

·Previous experience with advocacy, outreach, and community resources, preferred



Skills & Requirements

·Ability to work flexible working hours, including evenings and some weekends

·Ability to work independently/self-motivated

·Sensitive to multicultural issues

·Adhere to all confidentiality and HIPAA requirements.

·Verbal and written ability to communicate effectively with colleagues, community partners, consumers and all levels of management

·Ability to multi-task and prioritize projects and assignments effectively

·Ability to work cooperatively in a team environment within program/department and agency wide

·Ability to work in a mobile, fast paced environment

·Ability to use a laptop computer

·Fulfillment of TB test, background check clearance, and any other mandatory State/Federal requirements

·Valid California driver’s license, proof of automobile insurance, can maintain a driving record acceptable to the agency’s insurance carrier, if applicable to position

·Must provide and operate a registered, properly insured automobile, if applicable to position



Position Specific

·Program Intake FYP Interns participate at some level in the client intake process, ensuring that family members are aware of how to access advocacy and support services from Family Partners.

·Coaching and mentoring: FYP Interns coach and educate families (parents, caregivers, and youth) to acquire greater communication, system navigation, and self-regulation skills that are geared to help them take more effective advantage of treatment while assuring that their personal goals and outcomes are met.

·Outreach: FYP Interns participate in CFT (Child and Family Team) meetings in family homes or in the community, assessing their strengths and challenges, providing parenting support, informing them about the agency’s services, and linking them to community resources.                                                                                                             

·Mutual Support and Education Groups: FYP Interns offer ongoing education and support Groups that bring families with similar challenges and concerns together. Through support, information and education, parents, caregivers, and youth are provided with a variety of tools that can help them to successfully cope with the challenges that they face when raising their children.

·Participation in Agency Wide Program Meetings, Family Team Meetings and Management Decisions: The voice and perspective of families (parents, caregivers, and youth) is crucial to the development of all agency decision-making, program development and treatment planning. FYP Interns participate in program and child and family team meetings to give and exchange their perspectives on child and family strengths, parents as partners in the delivery of services and self-help support systems, as well as the expressed needs of families concerning how the agency may better accommodate family voice and choice in service delivery.

·Staff Consultation and Training FYP Interns provide on-going feedback and training to staff on the importance of a family’s voice and choice and cultural sensitivity in all aspects of their treatment planning.

·Participation in the Hiring Process: FYP Interns participate in the interview process for potential employees, providing an assessment of a potential candidate’s ability, skill, and inclination to provide services that are sensitive to, and inclusive of family voice and choice issues.

·Community Advocacy: FYP Interns may participate in community trainings, workgroups, planning committees, client treatment reviews, and task forces related to children’s mental health, advocacy and policy development.

·Grievance and Complaint support FYP Interns assist parents, caregivers, and youth with the grievance and complaint process.  This includes mentoring, coaching and educating parents, caregivers, and youth with communication, system navigation, and self-regulation skills, in addition to technical assistance in filling out forms and contacting appropriate administrators. 

·Collateral Support: Individual requests to provide collateral support to caregivers and parents are assigned to the FYP Intern by the Family and Youth Partnership Leadership.