Jun 09, 2022

Machinist Helper

  • City of Sacramento, Department of Utilities
  • 1395 35th Ave, Sacramento, CA, USA
  • $21.81 - $36.18 hourly
Full time Installation-Maint-Repair Skilled Labor

Job Description

The class of Machinist Helper performs semi-skilled work under direct supervision and is distinguished from the next higher class of Machinist in that the latter performs skilled journey-level machine work under general supervision.

The ideal candidate should be knowledgeable of practices, tools, methods, and equipment used in the machine shop and field equipment maintenance and repair, have a strong aptitude for mechanical and construction theory and practice, work well with others and take direction from others assigned to supervise them. Must have the ability to perform semi-skilled machine work under direct supervision of the Machinist, the ability to gas weld and electric weld steel. Must be able to follow oral and written instructions, read and write English at a level necessary for safe and efficient job execution, be comfortable with working on scaffolding and ladders and down in confined spaces, such as sewer and storm wet wells; this would include entry for work into sewer pipes and valve vaults.

- Operate and maintain bench lathes, drill presses, milling and shaping machines, grinders, gas and electric welders, and other common tools used in the maintenance and repair of mechanical equipment.

- Assist in the installation, adjustment, and repair of mechanical equipment such as pumps, compressors, chlorinators, engines, motors, blowers, metering devices, and plumbing used with water, gas, oil, chemical, heating, and sewage systems.

- Assist in the maintenance of mechanical systems of electrical power plants and heating and ventilating plants.

- Assist in trouble shooting and maintenance of electrical motors and related equipment.

- Construct and repair various types of buildings, sheds, scaffolds, forms, fences, and other structures.

- Make concrete forms; mix and pour concrete.

- Build lockers, shelves, doors, and window frames.

- Drive and operate trucks and trailers, dump trucks, cranes, and forklifts.

- Load and unload trucks carrying hazardous materials and other materials; work on operating systems containing hazardous materials.

- Cut and thread pipe; pack pumps and valves.

- Scrape, paint, and finish wood, metal, and concrete surfaces.

- Clean and maintain tools, related equipment, shops, and vehicles.

- Keep simple reports and help maintain records.

- Respond to emergencies on an on-call basis as required.