Jun 01, 2023

Member Care Support

  • Golden 1 Credit Union
  • 8945 Cal Center Drive, Sacramento, CA, USA
Full time Banking Customer Service

Job Description


Performs and conducts complex and time-intensive journal entries and bookkeeping for the Member Care Department. Assists Member Care reps with complex postings, adjustments and outages. Focuses on reviewing the accuracy of journal entries and bookkeeping for the Member Care Department in a timely and efficient manner to ensure proper financial record keeping.


  1. Ability to perform all duties of a Member Care Support Rep I.
  2. Assist the Leadership in audits and reconciliations on all necessary corrections to current processes and/or documents the following:
    1. Collection payments
    2. Collection Department extensions
    3. Expulsion Process
    4. Negative Shares, Visa and Loan Charge-offs.
  3. Maintain a thorough understanding of state and federal laws and regulations related to credit union compliance including bank secrecy and anti-money laundering laws appropriate to the position.
  4. Perform the following tasks:
    1. Audits typed repossession documents
    2. Audits and corrects postings from journals and all payments for the Collection Department on a daily basis
    3. Verify and approves repossession vendor invoices for Supervisor approval
  5. Reconciles daily teller work.
  6. Reviews the accuracy and process for Journal Vouchers or referrers to a supervisor as needed.
  7. Reviews the accuracy and process for Data Changes or referrers to a supervisor as needed.
  8. Post and balance all Chapter 13 payments, collection agency, and attorney suit payments. Type Chapter 13 and Bankruptcy 7 claims.
  9. Prepares and sends Gap and Warranty Cancellation letters to dealerships on all repossessions. Process all warranty and Gap refund checks on members’ accounts. 
  10. Maintain a record of Gap and Warranty remittance, which may include follow-up attempts with dealerships on status of cancellation requests.
  11. Research and update return mail items for the re-issuance of cashier checks, legal notices, and miscellaneous member care notifications.
  12. Reconciles recoveries received from all agencies on assigned accounts.
  13. Coordinate members and collection agencies for dispute resolution.
  14. Post write-off accounts for loans, Visa, and Negative shares.
  15. Draw corporate checks for Collections Department and Vehicle Services (as needed).
  16. Reviews the accuracy all payments/checks, and ensures photo copies are distributed to posters, balanced and stored.
  17. Possess strong knowledge and capabilities to complete the entire Expulsion process; send letters, cross reference accounts for closure, including offsets and drafting corporate checks as needed.
  18. Responsible the training of newly hired Member Care Support Rep.
  19. Other duties as assigned.


  1. Effective oral and written communication skills required to interact with internal staff and constructively adjust and follow-up on member accounts.
  2. Must possess sufficient manual dexterity to skillfully operate an on-line computer terminal and other standard office equipment, such as financial calculators, personal computer, facsimile machine and telephone.


  1. INTERNAL: Management and staff as required in the performance of duties. Branch management and staff, Real Estate, Centralized Lending, IRA, Accounting, and Payroll Deduction Departments.
  2. EXTERNAL: Members, credit reporting agencies, and collection agencies.


  1. EDUCATION: Successful completion of High School curriculum is required.
  2. EXPERIENCE: Three years or more performing journal entry, reconciliation and research work in a similar position within a financial institution.
  3. KNOWLEDGE/SKILLS: Strong oral and written communication skills. Has demonstrated a strong knowledge of Golden 1 products, services, policies and procedures.  Credit union and collection rules, regulations, and policies, typewriter, ten key, electronic banking equipment, and personal computer. Strong comprehension of the Journal Voucher (JV) process, General Ledger (GL) system, USER and TellerNav.  Thorough understanding of internal accounting procedure.  Excellent analytical skills and problem solving with the ability to balance and reconcile GL accounts.


  1. Prolonged sitting throughout the workday with occasional mobility required.
  2. Corrected vision within the normal range.
  3. Hearing within normal range. A device to enhance hearing will be provided if needed.
  4. Occasional movements throughout the department daily to interact with staff, accomplish tasks, etc.