Aug 08, 2019

Academic and Career Advisor

  • Twin Rivers Unified School District
  • Sacramento, CA, USA
Full time Education

Job Description

Summary Coordinates and performs a variety of technical, and administrative support to a high school career planning and college information center. Interacts with students providing them with resources, including library books, catalogs, community contacts and computer-aided resources. Schedules speakers, visits, events, and meets with student families for promoting college life, career planning and development, and academic assistance. Meets with at-risk students and families, providing support and resources. Supports students in meeting graduation requirements by reviewing transcripts and providing information and resources. Assist counselors with scheduling classes. Consult with students who are credit deficient and refer to proper resources for credit recovery. Facilitates and schedules meetings with outside agencies to support students with careers and transition from high school. Assist in facilitation of meetings with administration, teachers, students, and families. Distinguishing Career Features The Academic and Career Advisor supports and facilitates programs for career planning and college liaison. This position requires demonstrated knowledge of higher education application processes, scholarships, and occupations/careers. The position also requires the ability to outreach to civic organizations, trade schools, and representatives from colleges and universities, all with the objective of supporting students with career and college transitions. Essential Duties and Responsibilities  Organizes and maintains a career planning and college information center setup to provide information and resources to teachers, students, and parents.  Schedules speakers, college representatives and recruiters. Maintains a master calendar of scheduled events, speakers and career fairs.  Maintains and continually updates a career information center library with resources including information on careers, career clusters, employment trends, college bulletins and catalogs, and newsletters of interest.  Performs scholarship, grant and financial aid research. Including contacts with local scholarship committee, service organizations and national scholarships.  Prepares career flyers and newsletters to distribute to students, teachers and parents.  Prepares and delivers informational presentations to classrooms, student groups, and parent organizations.  Assists counseling staff with alternative educational opportunities. Meets with students and families who may be considered ‘at-risk’ due to academic interest. Provides support Academic and Career Advisor @Jacobson, Betts & Company Page 2 and offers guidance toward traditional and alternative education included those known as ‘extended learning’ opportunities.  Performs a variety of computer duties including word processing, inter net access and data entry.  May provide support to student groups and organizations such as leadership, special events, clubs, etc., assisting and guiding them on logistics.  Types/composes a variety of documents including applications, tests, schedules, bulletins, reports, contracts and lists. Prepares and types letters, memos and correspondence from written notes or oral instructions.  Ability to communicate with parents, students, teachers, counselors and administration on academic compliance issues.  May perform attendance or registration duties for a secondary or high school site. Scope of work is substantially similar to those defined in the specific job descriptions.  Initiates relationships between students and community merchants. Promotes teen hiring and mentoring programs.  Provides support and guidance for obtaining financial support and provides updated information related to scholarship database.  Performs other duties as assigned that support the overall objective of the position, including coverage for other positions at a high school. Qualifications  Knowledge and Skills The position requires working knowledge of occupational resources, trends, and opportunities, college programs, entrance requirements, and application procedures. Requires a working knowledge of District registration policies and procedures, graduation and higher education course requirements. Requires knowledge of and skill at using personal computer-aided applications for office productivity, research, and preparation of communications materials. Requires considerable knowledge of career development resources, local and national scholarships and community employers. Requires welldeveloped knowledge of and skill at using English grammar. Requires well-developed human relations skills to make in-service presentations to student audiences and to facilitate discussions with students and parents.  Abilities Requires the ability to perform all of the duties of the position. Requires the ability to provide technical career-related information and assistance to students and the community. Requires the ability to research, identify, and obtain career information such as education and training requirements, industries and locales where employment occurs, wage rates, and professional associations. Requires the ability to develop promotional materials and write in a professional manner. Requires the ability to respond to a diverse set of cultures, ethnic groups socio-economic groups, and their interests.  Physical Abilities Academic and Career Advisor @Jacobson, Betts & Company Page 3 The position incumbent must be able to function indoors in an office environment engaged in work of primarily a sedentary nature. Requires ambulatory ability to sit for extended periods of time, to use microcomputers and peripheral equipment, accomplish other desktop work, and to move to various school campus locations. Requires the ability to use near vision to read printed materials. Requires auditory ability to carry on conversations in person and over the phone. Requires the ability to retrieve work materials from overhead, waist, and ground level files. Requires manual and finger dexterity to write, use a pointing device and keyboard at an advanced rate, operate microcomputer, and to operate other standardized office equipment, requiring repetitive motions.  Education and Experience The position typically requires an Associate’s Degree or equivalent, supplemented by training in guidance or counseling and 2 years general office clerical/secretarial and specific experience working with scholarship programs, community and college resources, preferably in a high school setting. Additional college education may substitute for some experience.  Licenses and Certificates Requires a valid driver’s license.  Working Conditions Work is performed indoors where minimal safety considerations exist.

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