Bus Driver

  • Twin Rivers Unified School District
  • Sacramento, CA, USA
  • Feb 24, 2020
Full time Drivers

Job Description


Bus Drivers are qualified to drive a regular school bus including those containing special features and equipment to assist students having mobility and other access problems over designated and special routes for the purpose of transporting students to and from school. Transports students on special trips and athletic events.

Distinguishing Career Features:

Bus Drivers must complete special coursework, behind-the-wheel observation/training and attain licenses required by the State. Advancement opportunities exist beyond Driver, as incumbents can take additional training, develop special competencies, and become authorized and certified in behind-the-wheel training, instructing, dispatching, or route analysis.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

 Drives a regular or specially equipped school bus daily over designated and special routes in compliance with time schedules, picking up and discharging students, and, drives for special events.

 Inspects bus prior to operation for safety purposes. Cleans windshields and headlights. Cleans the interior and exterior of buses as needed, including, but not limited to, picking up debris, sweeping and mopping floor, and wiping and cleaning upholstery.

 Services bus with fuel and oil. Performs routine checks of belts, braking, turning signals, and lighting. Inspects hydraulic lifts. Reports problems or equipment malfunctions.

 Maintains appropriate behavior among students on buses and while the bus is parked at bus stops. Follows District policies regarding the student control and contact with parents and the public.

 Reports incidents affecting the safety of students. Maintains records of all trips. Files accident reports. Completes accurate records as required by State and federal laws and policies.

 Performs first aid or emergency assistance.

 Attends scheduled safety meetings and continuing education programs.

 May transport students and chaperons on field trips to various locations making departure and arrival time as scheduled.

 May repair upholstery using a commercial sewing/stitching machine. Replaces seats and frames. Removes graffiti and other material from bus interiors.

 Performs other duties as assigned that support the overall objective of the position.


Knowledge and Skills Requires a complete working knowledge and understanding of safe bus driving practices sufficient to recognize problems and take appropriate action. Requires working knowledge of the operations of specially equipped buses. Requires working knowledge and understanding of State laws, rules and regulations and Education Code sections pertaining to school bus operations and pupil transportation, including those for students requiring accommodations. Requires knowledge of routine equipment servicing. Requires knowledge first aid practices. Requires sufficient knowledge of English language to prepare travel and safety logs and prepare work orders. Requires sufficient communication skills to exercise patience and maintain harmony within a work team and with students and parents.


The position requires the ability to perform all of the duties of the position with minimal supervision. Requires ability to drive a school bus safely and efficiently while keeping to well-established schedules. Requires the ability to read and write sufficiently to perform all of the duties of the position including understanding applicable laws, regulations and codes required. Requires the ability to use special devices and equipment for the transport of students with mobility problems. Requires the ability to maintain order among students, both while driving and at bus stops. Must be able to recognize malfunctions in equipment and take appropriate action. Requires the ability to maintain an assigned vehicle in clean and safe operating condition. Requires the ability to administer first aid to ill or injured students. Must learn designated bus routes, including stops and traffic hazards. Must be able to perform routine servicing. Requires the ability to maintain required records. Requires the ability to work productively with peers, students, parents, and members of the general public. 

Physical Abilities:

Requires the ability to function indoors and outdoors performing work of an active nature. Requires arm-hand and leg-foot dexterity to drive a bus. Requires visual acuity including depth perception. Requires the ability to sit for extended periods of time. Requires hearing sufficient to be aware of traffic and road distractions/conditions and listen to children. Requires the ability to lift 50 pounds and the ability to move or lift into place passenger ambulatory aids such as wheel chairs onto platforms. 

Education and Experience:

The position requires a High School diploma or the equivalent and successful completion of 20 hours of classroom instruction related to skills, regulations, and safety requirements for driving a school bus and successful completion of 20 hours of instruction behind the wheel of a school bus.

Licenses and Certificates:

Requires valid Commercial Class A or B Driver’s License; medical examination card; valid California Special Driver Certificate with PS Endorsement, and valid CPR and ARC First Aid Certificates. 

Working Conditions:

Work is performed outdoors where some safety considerations exist from physical activity and traffic conditions.