Aug 08, 2019

Academic and Behavior Intervention Assistant

  • Twin Rivers Unified School District
  • Sacramento, CA, USA
Full time Education

Job Description

Summary Assists teachers, therapists, and counselors with administration of one-on-one intensive behavioral intervention therapy and tutoring to students in a school, home, or other setting. Performs a variety of activities in support of special instructional programs including special education, interagency, and district-wide subject matter. Distinguishing Career Features The Academic and Behavior Intervention Assistant is a specialized position within a career path for instructional support to teachers. The para assists educators and therapists with therapy and tutoring of students having exceptional behavior intervention needs. The Academic and Behavior Intervention Assistant has been specially trained and demonstrates competency in Advanced Behavior Assistance and Discrete Trial Training. Advancement potential exists to Academic Intervention Specialist, requiring compliance with that description’s qualifications and specialization in Behavioral Intervention Program and the demonstrated ability to train others and coordinate behavior intervention therapy programs. Essential Duties and Responsibilities  Works on an in-depth basis with individual students with exceptional needs to implement intensive behavioral therapy and tutoring to selected students one-on-one or in small groups for core academic subjects.  Provides support to therapists and specialists by implementing visual, behavioral, social, and or communications strategies that enhance student performance and behavior. Administers special drills for assessment/diagnosis and to reinforce learning.  Tutors individual students in core academic and vocational subjects. Prepares and may develop age-grade appropriate instructional aids and exercises to support the therapy and subject matter being taught.  May assist in consultations with parents and staff on behavior interventions for students on site and in home programs. Attends Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) meetings as necessary to observe the connection between therapy and educational goals.  Provides input to therapists, specialists, and teachers on student performance, progress, and behavior.  Administers assessment instruments, scores objective tests, and keeps appropriate records for teachers, including those on computerized student information and grading systems. Assures privacy of student information.  Develops and uses incentives as positive reinforcement. Exercises constant supervision of children. Assesses the need for, and uses appropriate behavior modification in accordance with grade level and student’s ability to understand. Academic and Behavior Intervention Assistant @Jacobson, Betts & Company Page 2  May monitor classroom activities when a special education teacher is absent from the classroom. Observes, monitors, and redirects the behavior of students within approved procedures. Reinforces behavior modification techniques determined by the teacher and/or specialists.  Documents student academic and behavior responses to teachers’ interventions using the Individualized Education Plan as a guide. Records information in formats that support further evaluations. Reports occurrences to teachers.  Assists special program administrative staff with the preparation and presentation of inservice training sessions. Assists in organizing, and participates in meetings to share information about behavior intervention programs.  Prepares and maintains a variety of files and records for classroom or assigned program.  Accompanies students going from one location to another. May assist with loading and unloading of assigned students onto buses or other transportation. Assures safety of students following health and safety rules.  May be assigned to a counseling office and assist with discipline, parent contact, and records.  When working with severely handicapped students, may be required assist with certain medical and hygiene functions.  Performs other duties as assigned that support the overall objective of the position. Qualifications  Knowledge and Skills The position requires basic knowledge of the principles and practices of age appropriate child development and guidance applicable for an educational setting. Requires basic knowledge of autism and other developmental disabilities. Requires basic knowledge of the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis and specific instruction methodologies such as, but not limited to, Discrete Trial Training. Requires working knowledge of the subjects taught in the schools, including arithmetic, grammar, spelling, language and reading, with sufficient competency to assist students with individual or group studies. Requires a basic knowledge of teaching and instruction methods. Requires knowledge of document requirements for special education students and programs. Requires knowledge of and skill at using personal computers, audiovisual, and other equipment to support learning, record information, and send communications. Requires well-developed human relation skills to work productively and cooperatively with teachers, students, and parents in formal and informal settings, to exercise extreme levels of patience when conveying information to students having difficulty with verbal and written communications, and demonstrate sensitivity to the special needs of students. May require competency in a second language.  Abilities Requires the ability to assist teaching staff with implementation of instructional goals and activities. Requires the ability to assess the needs of individual students and develop instructional support techniques and materials to meet those needs. Requires the ability to work with students who have severe developmental delays and behavior problems. Academic and Behavior Intervention Assistant @Jacobson, Betts & Company Page 3 Requires the ability to apply principles of positive reinforcement, Applied Behavior Analysis, and Discrete Trial Training. Requires the ability to manage students who act out verbally and physically. Requires the ability to interact with teachers, parents, and specialists in order to carry out assigned duties. Requires the ability to oversee students, administer assignments and tests, and perform general clerical tasks. Requires the ability to work with and demonstrate sensitivity to a diverse population of students and parents. Requires the ability to relate positively to students in a teaching/learning environment in a way that builds confidence, recognizes and works on learning disabilities and barriers. May require competency in a second language or basic competency in sign language.  Physical Abilities Requires the ability to perform indoors in an office, classroom, or home environment engaged in work of primarily a sedentary to a moderately active nature. Requires near visual acuity to read and write printed materials and computer screens. Requires hearing and speech ability for ordinary and telephonic conversation, to converse with individuals and small groups. Requires the ability to move about office, classroom/home environs, and school grounds, to tutor, assist with presentations, and reach work materials. Requires sufficient manual and finger dexterity to demonstrate teaching aids, to point out important words/figures to students, and to operate personal computers. Requires the ability to lift, carry, push, and move supplies, fixtures, wheelchairs, etc., of light-tomedium weight (under 50 pounds) on a regular basis, and heavy weight (under 75 pounds) without labor saving equipment on an intermittent basis. May require the ability to work at multiple school sites.  Education and Experience The position requires a high school diploma or equivalent, 48 college credit units that are degree eligible, plus one year of experience working with in a classroom environment containing students with special needs. Alternatively, may accept a high school diploma, passing of a competency exam, and three years of classroom experience. Incumbents having additional college coursework may use it to substitute for some experience.  Licenses and Certificates May require a valid driver’s license. Completion of ABA/DTT training. May require a valid first aid card.  Working Conditions Work is performed indoors and outdoors with some, yet infrequent exposure to health and safety considerations.

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