Aug 12, 2019

Plant Engineer

  • Clark Pacific
  • Woodland, CA, USA
Full time Construction Engineering

Job Description


SUMMARY OF POSITION Describe the principal purpose and any unique characteristics of the job:

Supports and applies engineering, plant management, and communication skills while working as a team member to assure safe, timely execution of jobs running through plant.  Work on plant-wide initiatives relating to production facilities, equipment, systems and process improvement, exercising sound engineering judgment as it relates to plant operations. Participate in the management of job and plant budgets.  The PE needs to be self-reliant, demonstrate initiative, expect to contribute to the team and seek advice or confirmation when appropriate.

Describe the major job activities in order of importance for which this job is held accountable.


% of time


Specific duties/responsibilities/functions





Plant Cost Controls:

  • Perform root cause analyses on cost overruns and work alongside production staff to implement process improvements as opportunities arise on projects in production, track and document progress.
  • Track and sustain CIS process improvements on all jobs; both those experiencing cost overruns and others that are at or under budget.
  • Develop cost estimates for plant infrastructure improvements, equipment replacement, ROIs for new equipment and systems
  • Confirm all “actual” qtys from Engineering Dept. (panel counts, SF, CY) for each job match original estimates.






  • Develop and maintain written plant Best Practices and Standards
    • Prepare for upcoming jobs to ensure all best practices are outlined ahead of new-job starts using info from all pre-planning mtgs such as New Job Mtg (see action items and project challenges), etc.
  • Prepare and maintain Deck Schedules
    • Develop deck inventory, establish dates built, ID deck program and track maintenance of decks (reskinning history, weld inspections, etc.)
  • Schedule start-up meetings w/ Engineering (form review, stone/brick, 2DS, in-plant caulking, Pre-Production, pre-loading)
  • Pull sheets for all stressing (pre-tensioning and post-tensioning)






  • Track all loading related equipment such as standard easels, 45 degree easels, specialty items
    • Maintain QC inspection logs of above
  • Load Planning using PieceTracker (daily pick lists for loading crews)
  • Identify problem areas and provide support to Asst. Superintendent-Yarding with planning
  • Oversee testing of plant/erection brackets
  • Develop product stacking details and sequence for long running jobs
  • Design storage dunnage for upcoming jobs
  • Maintain panel location info. In PT
  • Confirm and document that all hardware, spreader bars and rigging are properly rated and tagged






General Plant Management:

  • Provide look-ahead summaries to Plant Manager and Superintendents for upcoming jobs
    • Review New Job Summaries
    • Set-up New-Job Safety Mtg outlines for Asst. Superintendent-Line
    • Storage plans for new jobs
    • Review specs and ensure materials such as waterproofing, caulking, related hardware, brick, liners, etc are ordered and delivered
    • Track usage of the same to ensure proper qtys are on hand until job is complete
  • Identify problem areas and windfall opportunities
  • Interface with Engineering to ensure Production standards and details along with established engineering protocols are followed.
  • Coordinate in-plant work involving other trades that interface with precast scope such as windows, plumbing, electrical, window washing, etc.
  • Communicate regularly with all customers, both external and internal
  • Design and provide details, dwgs and BOMs for all plant improvements


  1. JOB SPECIFICATIONS:Job specifications should include all necessary qualifications to perform the full job at an acceptable level.
  2. Kind and length of experience:   
  • Min. 1 year of precast project management/engineering or comparable construction-related experience.         
  1. Specialized Knowledge:
  • Interest in and understanding of Lean Principles (CIS) as applied to precast operations
  • Ability to communicate and work well with diverse groups of people from Production, Engineering and administrative backgrounds
  • Intermediate to Advanced scheduling and computer skills (Excel)
  • Ability to visualize in 3D
  • CAD proficiency and ability to quickly draw engineering sketches
  • Ability to read, understand, and interpret architectural and engineering documents


  1. Minimum Knowledge/education/certification/license requirements:
  • BS in Civil, Mechanical or Industrial Engineering degree
  • Solid understanding of engineering theory, statics, stress analysis and the mechanics of materials.
  • EIT certification preferred 
  1. Physical Requirements (i.e., extended periods of sitting, bending, stooping, standing, walking or driving; frequency of lifting or carrying heavy objects - note required weight; required communication skills - verbal/auditory):
  • Must be able to work in plant and office environments
  • Must be able to lift 50 lbs. 
  1. Environmental Factors (e.g., ability to work in extreme heat/cold, ability to work at heights over 15 feet, ability to work 3rd shift, travel, ability to work weekends/on-call).
  • Walk over rough and uneven terrain
  • Work at a computer for extended lengths of time.


III.      PROBLEM SOLVING:  Describe the nature and variety of the most typical and the most complex problems faced in this job.  Give examples.

  1. Typical Problems:

                              Form utilization and coordination

                              Form fabrication schedule conflicts

                              Safety related issues and addressing the same

                              Lean implementation and sustaining of same

                              Plant related equipment problems such as batch plants and process water recovery system

                              Cost controls for jobs producing in plant

                              PAR tracking and coordination


  1. Most Complex Problems:

            Managing schedule changes and impacts to manpower and plant facilities/equipment

            Plant Maintenance and Equipment schedules

               Development of a complex panel storage studies

               Dealing with difficult people


  1. AUTHORITY AND DECISION MAKING: Identify the types of decisions that this job can make on its own, as well as those that must be referred to a higher level of management.
  2. What typical decisions does this job have complete authority for making?

         Issue shop drawings, purchase of some materials, complete load lists, # of loads requested, daily field reports, embed and rebar placement during pre-pour check, signing for material/load deliveries and crane time, issuing check printed drawings, obtaining price quotes for materials, initial field as-built diagrams, and sign-off of inspection items.

  1. What typical decisions must be referred to others for approval?  To whom do you refer these decisions?


            All cost-related decisions and purchases (Plant Manager)


Clark Pacific is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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