Accounting Clerk

  • Twin Rivers Unified School District
  • Sacramento, CA, USA
  • Sep 06, 2020
Full time Accounting Education

Job Description

Summary Performs regularly recurring and standardized duties associated with verifying, reviewing, and entering data to computer-aided financial accounting systems, processing disbursements, and updating files and audit trails. Distinguishing Career Features The Accounting Clerk represents the first level in a career path for clerical-to-professional accounting. The Accounting Clerk requires demonstration of the following skills and abilities: keyboarding (10-key) skills as evidenced by competency in accessing and entering alpha and numeric data, ability to learn how to accurately post data to proper account classifications, and the ability to rapidly perform arithmetic calculations. Incumbents will also need to be assigned to a work situation where the duties are predominately accounting in nature. Advancement to Accounting Clerk - Senior requires no less than two years as an Accounting Clerk or equivalent and compliance with the stated qualifications. Accounting Clerks - Senior will have a demonstrated competency in accounts payable and receivable (including administration of contracts), oversight of project costs, and setup of specialized student accounts. Essential Duties and Responsibilities  Receives, verifies, and processes bills, claims, expense vouchers, remittances, disbursements and other straightforward and recurring documents related to financial transactions.  Verifies documents for accuracy and completeness of specific entries and information, maintains a file of documents and posts transactions to the appropriate journals using established data entry formats.  Calculates totals, discounts, extensions, interest charges, fees, penalties, etc., using specifically defined arithmetic formulas.  Enters or posts financial information from source documents into established accounting programs having preset data entry screens. Codes transactions into proper account classification using instruction manuals for support.  Searches files and records for readily identifiable account information. Lists or tabulates information from documents where knowledge of the subject matter is not required.  Prepares documents such as invoices, account statements, checks and distributes to others for further action.  May serve as a cashier, accepting, disbursing, and balancing funds. Disburses accounts payable and payroll checks. Adjusts cash accounts to balance with receipts and disbursements. May prepare bank deposits and reconcile bank statements. Accounting Clerk @Jacobson, Betts & Company 2  May process accounting line item fund transfers and charge-backs within and among departments. Posts transfers to the proper account, category, and fund.  May sort and deliver incoming departmental mail and prepare outgoing mail including documents transferring to other campuses and external agencies.  Performs other duties as assigned that support the overall objective of the position. Qualifications  Knowledge and Skills The position requires basic knowledge of bookkeeping and accounting practices, clerical and office procedures and methods, business mathematics and record keeping. Requires a working knowledge of personal computer operations and common office productivity software such as spreadsheets and word processing. Requires knowledge of computeraided data entry programs accompanying accounting systems. Requires skill at entering alphanumeric data onto a preformatted data entry screen. Requires sufficient math skill to calculate totals, percentages, ratios, and portions. Requires sufficient human relation skills work as part of a team and cooperatively with internal and external customers.  Abilities Requires the ability to learn and access the computer-aided accounting data entry programs used by the department. Requires demonstrated ability to enter data onto standardized formats using computerized data base programs by using keyboards, basic keyboarding or 10-key skills and calculators. Requires the ability to rapidly perform basic arithmetic operations. Requires the ability to learn accounting string formats and post numeric data into proper account classifications.  Physical Abilities The position incumbent must be able to function indoors in an office environment engaged in work of primarily a sedentary nature. Requires ambulatory ability to sit for extended periods of time and to move about various campus locations. Requires the ability to use near vision to read printed materials. Requires auditory ability to carry on conversations in person and over the phone. Requires the ability to retrieve work materials from overhead, waist, and ground level files. Requires sustained repetitive motions and manual and finger dexterity to write, operate a microcomputer, use a pointing device, keyboard, 10-key pad, and operate other office equipment.  Education and Experience The position requires completion of a high school curriculum with emphasis in bookkeeping and 2 years of experience in a production oriented record keeping, bank cashiering, or similar function.  Licenses and Certificates May require a valid driver’s license.  Working Conditions Work is performed indoors where minimal safety considerations exist.