Behavior Analyst

  • Twin Rivers Unified School District
  • Sacramento, CA, USA
  • Sep 06, 2020
Full time Education

Job Description

Summary The Behavior Analyst will assist in the administration and coordination of programs to reduce suspensions, provide intervention strategies on student behaviors up to and including behavior support plans. This is in addition to support to supervisors for problematic student behaviors. The Behavior Analyst will provide consult, support, and advisory services to parents, teachers, administrators, and staff. The Behavior Analyst will be familiar with regular education curriculum and state standards, and have expertise in the area of Autism Spectrum Disorder, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), in addition to knowledge of special education policies and processes. The Behavior Analyst will also participate in the development and implementation of policies and practices related to management of student problematic behaviors. Essential Duties and Responsibilities (may include, but not limited to the following)  Assists with design and implementation of ABA based programs, including early intensive behavior intervention, discrete trial training, pivotal response training, and other evidence based teaching approaches that support student achievement in students with autism and other behavioral challenges.  Assists in coordination of all behavioral education supports and services in the District, and supports the development of new behavioral education programs, as needed.  Works cooperatively with state and federal agencies participating educational services for students with disabilities, and works closely with community agencies extending special services.  Assists in planning and developing with District teams for providing positive behavior supports and services to students and teachers.  Provides staff development activities to support teachers, assistants, and other staff working with students with behavioral challenges.  Provides training programs for teachers and other staff on data collection, behavioral analysis, positive discipline techniques, and behaviors.  Conducts Functional Analysis Assessments and other assessments for students with behavioral challenges.  Serves as a direct behavioral service provider for students identified with significant high-risk behaviors.  Plans and implements and/or supervises employees who implement behavioral intervention plans in collaboration with school teams.  Provides intervention strategies and classroom management techniques for classrooms and individual students with high-risk behaviors.  Supervise the implementation of Behavior Intervention plans.  Review and evaluate the effectiveness of Behavior Support plans.  Serve as liaison between District and other agencies providing services, including, but not limited to, non-public schools, Regional Centers, and Department of Mental Health.  Provide information for reports required by state and District.  Pursue professional growth opportunities through attendance at conferences, professional meetings and course work completion, as applicable.  May conduct site visits for the purpose of providing on-site consultation, training, and assistance to staff.  May participate as a member of an IEP team regarding services, progress monitoring, and review and transition decisions. Reports on behavior progress, present levels of performance, and development of IEP goals. Behavior Analyst Page 2 of 2  Performs other duties as assigned that support the overall objective of the position. Qualifications  Knowledge and Skills The position requires professional knowledge of theories, concepts, principles, and practices in instruction, learning behavioral intervention. Requires detailed knowledge of Autism Spectrum Disorder, Applied Behavior Analysis, techniques, and behavioral supports for students with autism and other behavioral challenges. Requires in depth knowledge on relevant behavioral research leading to favorable outcomes for students. Requires well-developed skills to use a computer, common office productivity applications and specialized software used in education and research environments. Requires advanced human relations skills sufficient to conduct presentations to diverse audiences and to articulate the needs of students to large and small groups. Requires the ability to collaborate with other executive and management-level groups for planning, conflict resolution, and performance appraisal. Requires advanced language and writing skills to develop complex action plans, goals and objectives, and make formal presentations.  Abilities Requires the ability to perform all of the duties of the job that support its objectives. Requires the ability to plan, prioritize, and assign work in order to meet yearly schedules and timelines. Requires the ability to learn and apply pertinent legislation, regulations, and District requirements for performance. Requires the ability to lead and work with school improvement initiatives for narrowing student achievement gaps and improving overall achievement. Requires the ability to write complex reports and program materials. Requires the ability to solve complex problems where trade-offs and risks are involved, confrontations exist, and status of staff and students can be impacted. Requires the ability to manage complex projects and measure performance outcomes. Position requires the ability to interact on both a formal and informal basis with a wide range of contacts within and outside of the school setting. May require the ability to communicate in a second language.  Physical Abilities Requires sufficient ambulatory ability to move about school campus environments on a continuous basis. Requires sufficient visual acuity to recognize words and numbers. Requires hand-arm-eye coordination to use a computer keyboard and retrieve files from standing forward, flexing and seated positions. Requires auditory capacity to speak and hear in public settings.  Education and Experience Position requires a Master’s Degree from an accredited college or university, preferably in Special Education, Education, Psychology, or a similar field. Minimum of one year of experience working with students with autism, writing Behavior Intervention Plans, and conducting Functional Behavioral Assessments and Functional Analysis Assessments is required.  Licenses and Certificates Certification as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) is required. Possession of a valid California driver’s license and current proof of insurance are required.  Working Conditions Work is performed primarily indoors where minimal safety considerations exist. This position will include visitations to school sites and various classroom environments. Hazards: Contact with unruly and abusive individuals is possible.