Caltrans Equipment Operator II

  • Caltrans
  • Sacramento, CA, USA
  • Oct 06, 2020
Full time Government Transportation

Job Description

Working under the supervision of a Caltrans Maintenance Supervisor, the incumbent operates equipment identified as Category 1 and Category 2 used by assigned unit and works individually or with a crew performing tasks related to highway maintenance and landscape work and/or snow removal.  Class A driver's license with Tank endorsement is required.  May be required to work rotating or irregular shifts including weekends, nights, after hours callouts and overtime.


Operate Category 1 and Category 2 equipment used by the assigned unit. Equipment such as but not limited to: end-dump trucks from 2 to 10 cu. yards, with either automatic or manual transmission, equipped with snow plows and sanders. May also operate front-end loaders, motor graders, snow blowers, equipment trailers, rear & side flail mowers, slope mowers and other related vehicles while performing stated duties.


When not operating the specified equipment accomplish tasks normally performed by the assigned unit. Such tasks may include, but are not limited to, paving, shoulder grading, mowing, ditch cleaning, dig outs, pavement patching, repair or replacement of guide markers, signs, fence, guardrail, clean culverts, traffic control, litter pick up, maintenance of roadside rest stops, and any other duties that would normally be assigned to a Highway Maintenance Worker or Landscape Maintenance Worker.


May be loaned to snow yards and overnight travel may be required. Operate snow removal equipment including trucks with plows and or sanders, motor graders, loaders, and rotary snow blowers. Included would be operating and manning chain control and road closures, directing traffic and proper placement of warning / detour signs. Also included would be assisting in all aspects of slide removal (both manual and mechanical).


Equipment Care: Servicing, minor repairs, adjustments, and emergency repairs, cleaning of equipment and keeping all pertinent records.


Record Keeping  and  Reporting:  Crew  report  forms,  pre  and  postoperative equipment checks, fuel purchases/usage, and material usage reports 

You will find additional information about the job in the Duty Statement.

Minimum Requirements

You will find the Minimum Requirements in the Class Specification.


Additional Documents

Special Requirements

  • The position(s) require(s) a valid California Drivers License (CDL). You must answer the questions addressing your CDL on your application. Ensure you provide your CDL number, class, expiration date, and any endorsements and/or restrictions.
  • The position(s) require(s) a Drug Screening be passed prior to being hired.
  • The position(s) require(s) Medical Clearance prior to being hired.
  • The position(s) require(s) an Audiogram Clearance prior to being hired.
  • The position(s) require(s) a valid unrestricted Class A Commercial Driver’s License, With Tank endorsement [N].

Required to work in a wide range of sometimes extreme conditions, including heat up to 120 degrees, cold to –15 degrees, strong winds, rain, sleet, and snow.


During the winter months the workweek is normally 5/8-hour days. During the summer months the workweeks may be changed to 4/10-hour days. The scheduling of the 5/8 days or the 4/10 days is at the discretion of District Management. Incumbent may be scheduled to work the night shift during the months of December, January, February, and March or as scheduled by the Maintenance Supervisor.


Will be required to work overtime due to storms, emergencies, special work projects, or when the Supervisor deems that it is in the best interest of the State to work overtime.


Personal safety requirements include:

A. Work boots, in good and sturdy condition, must be worn to provide foot and ankle support protection.

B. Either long or short-sleeved shirts provided by Caltrans, or a safety vest is to be worn over non-safety shirts or coats.

C. Long pants. No shorts or cutoffs.

D. Provided safety gear; hard hat, safety glasses, hearing protection devices, face shields, gloves, respirator, chaps, or other safety gear must be worn when required by the Department.


Some crews are designated travel crews and work out of town on a per diem basis up to 80% of the year.


Candidates that believe they meet the Minimum qualifications based on a pattern of education from the classification description (specifications) must provide a copy of your degree/transcripts and/or license along with your application (STD. 678) to be considered for this position.

Contact Information

The Human Resources Contact is available to answer questions regarding the application process. The Hiring Unit Contact is available to answer questions regarding the position.

Human Resources Contact:
Caltrans DHR Contact
(916) 227-5183

Hiring Unit Contact:
Johnny Nguyen
(916) 859-7974