May 07, 2019


  • City of Sacramento
  • Sacramento, CA, USA
Full time Government Skilled Labor

Job Description


Performs highly skilled work in the set up and operation of a variety of machine tools to produce and repair precision parts, instruments and tools. This includes fabricating, modifying and repairing mechanical instruments and industrial machines. Incumbents must employ knowledge of mechanics, mathematics, metal properties, layout and machining procedures. 

The class of Machinist performs journey-level Maintenance Machinist duties under general supervision and is distinguished from the next lower class of Machinist Helper in that the latter performs semi-skilled work under close supervision.

 General supervision is provided by a Machinist Supervisoror a higher-level administrator or division manager.


Depending upon the assignment, duties may include, but are not limited to, the following:


  • Perform precise repair, maintenance, and installation work on a variety of waterworks facilities.
  • Set up and operate a variety of machine tools such as metal lathes, mills, drill presses, grinders, and other machine shop equipment in manufacturing, fabricating, and repairing machinery and equipment such as large industrial pumps, compressors, hydraulic equipment, motors, valves, chlorinators, clarifiers, gauges, chemical feeders, engines, hoists, and blowers.
  • Cut and shape metal to precise dimensions within close tolerances.
  • Sharpen and repair machine shop tools.
  • May assist with training and directing work of new and lower level staff; and, make certain proper safety precautions are observed.
  • Install, dismantle, maintain, inspect, and repair equipment used with water, gas, oil, chemical, heating, and sewage systems.
  • Observe and listen to operating machines or equipment to diagnose malfunctions and determine need for adjustment or repairs.
  • Work from sketches, drawings, blueprints, and written or verbal instructions; prepares scaled sketches of work to be performed and/or documented.
  • Perform acetylene, tungsten inert gas, metal inert gas, and electric arc welding and cutting operations.
  • Maintain and manufacture parts for mechanical systems of electrical power plants.
  • Maintain heating and ventilating systems.
  • Install pipe lines, valves, chemical feeders, screens, gates, tanks, and bases.
  • Make concrete forms; mix and pour concrete for installation or repair of equipment or facilities.
  • Load and unload trucks carrying hazardous materials; work on operating systems containing hazardous materials.
  • Drive and operate trucks and trailers, dump trucks, cranes, and forklifts.
  • Write reports and maintain records of projects and maintenance.
  • Respond to emergencies on an on-call basis as required.


Knowledge of:

  • Standard practices, materials, tools, and methods of the Machinists' trade.
  • Mechanics, shop mathematics, metal properties, layout, and machining procedures.
  • Occupational hazards and safety requirements of the trade.
  • Qualities, adaptabilities, and uses of a variety of metals and alloys.
  • Welding techniques and practices.

Ability to:

  • Perform a wide range of machinist and mechanical repair and maintenance activities, using standard methods and equipment.
  • Interpret and work from sketches, plans, blueprints, and worn or broken parts.
  • Do precision work within close tolerances.
  • Diagnose and troubleshoot problems in operating machinery.
  • Work in confined spaces, on temporary scaffolding, on high structures, and in sewage wet pits.
  • Recognize and deal with hazardous situations.
  • Read and write the English language at a level necessary for efficient job performance.
  • Estimate labor and materials for proposed work and keep complete and accurate records.
  • Work effectively with others.

 Skill in:  

  • Setting up and operating a variety of machine tools and equipment.
  • The care and maintenance of machine tools and equipment.
  • Diagnoses of problems in machinery.
  • The repair of a variety of machinery, equipment, and facilities.
  • Use of standard hand, electric, and pneumatic tools of the mechanical trades.
  • Oral and written communications.


One year experience as a journey-level Machinist following completion of a recognized four year machinist training program, such as apprenticeship or military training.


Five years experience as a Machinist Helper with the City of Sacramento and 15 units of directly related training from an accredited or trade school. Courses shall consist of Machining and Manufacturing Processes, Fabrication and Welding.

Proof of Education:

Proof of education such as college transcripts and degrees must be submitted to the City of Sacramento Employment Office in person, as an attachment(s) to the online application, faxed to (916) 808-8567, or emailed to by the final filing deadline. If submitting in person or via fax/email, please include your name and Recruitment #006009-18-DOU on your documents.

An applicant with a college degree obtained outside the United States must have education records evaluated by a credentials evaluation service. This evaluation must be submitted before you will be considered for any positions.


Driver License:

Possession of a valid California Class C Driver License at the time of appointment. Individuals who do not meet this requirement due to physical disability will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.  Loss of the Class C license is cause for discipline.


Possession of a Water Distribution Operator Grade II Certification issued by the State of California is highly desirable.

Respiratory Protective Equipment:

Work in this class requires wearing respiratory protective equipment at times. When assigned to such work, facial hair must be shaven when it interferes with the safe fitting of respiratory protective equipment.

Residency Requirement:

Employees in this classification must reside within thirty-five (35) air miles from the freeway interchange at W-X Streets, 29th - 30th Streets within one year following appointment.


Please note, the City of Sacramento's preferred method of communication with applicants is via e-mail. As such, please ensure you verify the e-mail address on your application, and check your e-mail frequently, including your spam and junk folders. All e-mail notifications can be accessed through the applicant inbox.

1. Application: 
(Pass/Fail) – All applicants must complete and submit online a City of Sacramento employment application to the Employment Office by the final filing deadline;

  • Employment applications must be submitted online; paper applications will not be accepted.
  • Employment applications will be considered incomplete and will be disqualified:
    • If applicants do not list current and past job-related experience in the "Work Experience" section. Note: Qualifying experience is based on 40 hours per week (pro-rated if less than 40 hours/week).
    • If "see resume" is noted in the "Work Experience" section; a resume will not substitute for the information required in the "Work Experience" section.
  • Proof of education such as college transcripts and degrees must be submitted to the City of Sacramento Employment Office in person, as an attachment(s) to the online application, faxed to (916) 808-8567, or emailed to by the final filing deadline. If submitting in person or via fax/email, please include your name and Recruitment #006009-18-DOU on your documents.

2. Supplemental Questionnaire: (Pass/Fail) – All applicants must complete and submit online responses to the supplemental questionnaire to the City of Sacramento Employment Office by the final filing deadline.

  • Response(s) to the supplemental questionnaire must be submitted online; paper questionnaires will not be accepted.
  • Incomplete supplemental questionnaires will not pass the review process; omitted information cannot be considered or assumed.
  • A resume will not substitute for the information required in the supplemental questionnaire.

3. Performance Test: (Weighted 100%) – Qualified candidates will be notified by email of the test date, time, and location approximately one to two weeks prior to the test. The performance test will be job related and may include, but not limited to, the knowledge and abilities as outlined above.
4. Eligibility - Candidates who pass the performance test will be placed on an eligible list. The hiring department may contact those on the eligible list for an interview at any time during the life of the one-year list.

5. Conditional Hire: Upon receipt of a conditional offer, the selected candidate must complete and pass LiveScan / fingerprinting review by Human Resources, a pre-employment controlled substance and / or alcohol test, and possess any required licensure or certification prior to receiving a start date from the Department. Failure to meet these prerequisites will be grounds for withdrawal of your conditional offer of employment.

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