SacJobs Staffing

Our success and reputation as a Sacramento company were built by pairing performance and effectiveness with unmatched personal client service.   

We aim to deliver a personal experience that will be remembered and recommended. At SacJobs, we genuinely care about your success, and we understand that there is value in all interactions as one never knows when an opportunity will materialize.

SacJobs Staffing is focused on exceptional customer service and giving our clients what they want: Flexibility and access to great talent.



SacJobs Staffing has extensive experience in many industries. We understand the opportunities, and how to find the best fit for your company. 


Construction Management

    Project Managers

Behavioral Healthcare

We have expertise in filling a wide range of administrative positions. Administrative assistant, back office personnel and more.

Accounting / Finance

Finding the right technology team members can be critical to your success. We know how to find the best talent for the right jobs.