Morton Golf LLC

Morton Golf Business Purpose

“To enrich lives, one customer at a time.” Every owner, manager and employee that is part of the staff of Morton Golf understands they are part of a bigger purpose than just having a job or working at the golf facilities. The reasons that staff exists is bigger than the game of golf. Together, our jobs are to provide an environment that enriches the lives of every customer at every encounter so the public will become “Raving Fans” by choosing our facilities as the places to go for their wants and needs.

Morton Golf Mission Statement

“Morton Golf is dedicated to Friendly D-D-D+1 Customer Service and Building of Strong, Lasting Relationships”. Every employee of Morton Golf understands the critical importance of creating loyal long term customers. We project a spirit of happiness with personalized customer service that always includes a friendly and caring smile at every point of contact.

Morton Golf Core Values

Employees, managers and owners are expected to abide by the core values of Morton Golf at all times.

1. Honesty, 2.Trust, 3. Integrity, 4. Respect, 5. Caring & Positive Attitude, 6. Commitment to Excellence & Personal Growth, 7. Make Work Fun, 8. Safety