Career Fair Lobby

Why should you attend a SacJobs Career Fair?


Face-to-Face Recruitment                                                                                                           Cost-effective Recruitment   

The Art of Conversation. First impressions count. Speak directly with job seekers. See beyond the CV.
Create a faster and more effective impression of a CV by speaking to jobseekers directly at the event. 

Speak face-to-face with hundreds of jobseekers

Find a star candidate you can't let leave the event, take them behind your stand to conduct a 'mini interview' instantly.

Dedicated customer service

We will look after you from start to finish. We will look to help in any way we can along the journey.

Great networking opportunities with exhibitors within the event

Network with exhibitors within the event from different industries or the same.

Create brand awareness among hundreds of local jobseekers

Just opened a new office? Expose your brand to the local jobseeker community.