Southside Unlimited


Southside Unlimited creates a forum that applies the medium of opportunity, blending artistic expression, personal progress, and active citizenship toward individual empowerment.


We see people with developmental challenges as full citizens of the community who have the ability and the opportunity to contribute to society, prosper financially, and make decisions that effect their lives.


  • Respect: We respect all people as equals and value their individuality.

  • Integrity: We hold ourselves accountable to our mission, vision and values.

  • Creativity: We encourage the imagination and nurture its expression towards personal empowerment.

  • Celebration of Life: We enjoy the mutual enrichment brought by our shared experiences and diversity.

  • Personal Growth: We promote the individual’s responsibility to actively determine the direction of their lives.

  • Advancement: We are committed to discovering hopes and achieving dreams.

  • Courage: We take bold strides in the pursuit of our vision.


Southside Unlimited believes the philosophy of People First. If you see us as equal, but different, and do not include us in the decisions that affect our lives, you will see us as your disabled clientPeople First believes if you get out of our way and we have the opportunity to gather power and knowledge over OUR own lives, we will become strong and successful.