California State Auditor

We are the independent oversight arm of the California State Legislature, the custodians of California’s Whistleblower Hotline, and catalysts for positive change in our state!

When a legislator or a member of the public reports concerns about another state or local government organization or official, our Performance/Policy Evaluators step in to conduct investigations, discover evidence, publicly report the truth, and recommend changes.

When it’s time for state and local government to account for billions of taxpayer dollars spent, and when high-risk government financial systems need improvement, our Financial Auditors conduct some of the world's largest financial reviews and provide much-needed guidance to struggling organizations and economies.

Our work is in service to all Californians, and we are trusted to produce unbiased, independent, nonpartisan reports that hold government accountable to the people it serves.

Our office is a DEI focused, hybrid telework environment, with competitive starting salaries and amazing state benefits including 4+ weeks of annual PTO and mental health benefits! Best of all, we provide a dynamic, challenging, and rewarding career and a sense of purpose that can't be beat!