CASA of Solano County

CASA of Solano County’s mission is to ensure that each abused and neglected child under the protection of the court has a consistent caring adult volunteer who helps them reach their full potential.

In support of this mission, CASA of Solano County is committed to the following:

  • Advocate for the best interest of children and youth.
  • Recruit, screen and train a diverse community of volunteers to act as Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA’s).
  • Provide comprehensive training programs to educate volunteer advocates.
  • Provide ongoing support to CASA volunteers and staff.
  • Create and maintain public awareness and educate the community regarding child abuse and neglect.
  • CASA strives to provide diversity, equity and inclusion in all facets of our work including the recruitment of volunteers and board members in order to meet the needs of the diverse population we serve.
  • Create, maintain and discover relationships with public and private agencies/organizations and individuals to support the mission of CASA of Solano County
  • Act in liaison with, and at the direction of, the Juvenile Court Judge.