It's a mission-driven organization with a bold mission at that - to accelerate the worlds' transition to income equality.  I can hear you wondering ... how the hell are they going to do that?
Well, we're doing it by focusing very specifically on lower-wage service employees, of which there are about 80 some odd million in the U.S. alone.
About 4 years back, the Founders had a pretty brilliant insight - they realized that by using technology to engage, empower and motivate  their customers' employees, they could provide the business dramatic, and almost instant, results and ROI.
And that's what we've been doing ever since - connecting service employees directly to new opportunities to earn more and level-up their careers while benefiting the businesses they work for all along the way.  There's this sort of alchemy to the way the platform works - it's really cool, one of those true win-wins.
2500+ business customers in and the company has managed to already generate about $1.7M in extra earnings to service employees and are on a course to payout another $5M this year alone.  Those aren't company revenue numbers mind you, those are extra earnings the platform has generated on behalf of its customers' employees, which is a pretty incredible milestone to hit as a seed-stage start-up.