California Department of Taxes and Fee Administration

California Department of Tax and Fee Administration (CDTFA) is looking for you to become part of our growing workforce of new employees with new ideas and creative perspectives that will affect all areas of the CDTFA. New employees, new ideas, and new creative perspectives are needed in all area at CDTFA. We offer jobs that align with your ambitions and provide a reliable income, stable benefits, work-life balance, advancement opportunities, and the personal fulfillment of knowing that your work is impacting the lives of others. CDTFA values its staff and is dedicated to employee career development. Our agency supports the development of staff by offering training to flourish in their position and programs to promote and explore upward mobility. 

We are a State government agency that administers sales & use tax and other specialty taxes. CDTFA's team is committed to making life better for Californians by fairly and efficiently collecting the revenue that supports our essential public services. CDTFA - administered programs collect over  $70 billion annually to fund essential state and local services such as transportation, public safety, transportation, health, libraries, schools, social services, and natural resources management programs.

CDTFA has field offices throughout the state along with offices in New York, Chicago, and Houston to serve our out-of-state taxpayers. We are spread geographically, but we are united in working together to serve our customers.

Our core principles are being SMART about how we achieve our mission. SERVING taxpayers so that they can comply with their responsibilities. SUPPORTING one another as we work together to meet our goals.

CDTFA team members play a vital role in supporting our public services and making life better for our customers. We offer careers that are fulfilling and provide reliable income, stable benefits, work-life balance, paid holidays, and great advancement opportunities.

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