The Table Community Foundation

The Table Community Foundation (TCF) is a 501©3 organization dedicated to fulfilling our mission to 
create a better world through change in our youth one community at a time.
We are committed to providing exceptional service, fostering positive interactions, and maintaining open 
communication. And we value unity, working closely with diverse communities to amplify voices and drive 
Our Core Values – Love, Serve, and Unite –
Love serves as the cornerstone of our mission, a powerful force that propels us to consistently expand our 
ability to nurture, support, protect, and foster positivity within our community. By embracing love, we 
cultivate understanding, respect, and compassionate teaching.
At TCF, exemplary service isn't just what we offer; it's a mindset that permeates everything we do. We 
take pride in fostering positive interactions, delivering swift responses, and maintaining open lines of 
communication. Our unwavering commitment to a culture of superior service is what fuels our dedication.
The essence of TCF lies in our unity with diverse communities and local stakeholders, fostering 
harmonious connections that amplify voices, hone leadership skills, and drive development.
To serve others is a gift, and our unique approach sets us apart.