Freedom Forever

Freedom Forever is a residential solar installation company that executes best-in-class Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) for our dealer partners. Our independent dealer partners are some of the most successful solar sales companies in the industry.  Since 2011, we have enabled our dealer partners' success with a premium offering and flexibility to be as aggressive as necessary on price. We also provide all the hard-to-get financing options at the best rates. Our 25 year production guaranty provides the ultimate peace-of-mind for homeowners reluctant to make a big investment. With Freedom Forever, homeowners know what they're getting every time.  Freedom Forever services all of California, Arizona, Nevada, Illinois & Texas regional installation hubs. Our Temecula, California headquarters houses one of the most forward thinking and diversified group of professionals in the industry. At Freedom Forever we leverage big company efficiencies, diversified teams, and local expertise.  We continue to grow at a very rapid pace. 2016 revenues were approximately $20M, 2017 were  approximately $56M, and our current annual pace is $102M. With fast growth comes great responsibility - we keep laser focus on positive, sustainable cash flow so that we stay financially healthy for the long run.