Wood Rodgers

When Rich Wood and Mark Rodgers started Wood Rodgers in 1997 they sounded a battle cry, one that reverberated through the hollow halls of mega firms everywhere. Rich and Mark had been there, saw things they couldn’t unsee. They knew there was a better way to run an engineering firm: one that focused on the work, the clients, and the dedicated employees who came through the doors each day.

The result? An engineering firm that doesn’t feel like one, with an unmistakable sense of something different. It’s on-the-edge thinking anchored by proven success. Originality enhanced by experience.

Many firms chase big clients and big projects with big budgets and build themselves impressive spaces to operate in. We build deep relationships, built on trust, and make serious impacts with every exciting opportunity we pursue. It’s a formula that has given us amazing opportunities and incredible employees. We’re sticking with it.