Rocky Mountain Recreation Company

Rocky Mountain Recreation Company has been a leader in the managed recreation industry for 30 years.

We provide management services to campgrounds, marinas, day use areas and other recreation sites for Federal, State and Local Agencies. These services include the maintenance and management of marinas, campgrounds, water recreation facilities, fast food service, fuel docks, boat rentals, bait and tackle stores and the sale of sundry items and services.

Our mission at Rocky Mountain Recreation is to optimize the recreation potential of our natural environment while preserving the inherent characteristics of the area, and to offer our guests the best customer service, ensuring they leave with a positive and memorable experience.

Rocky Mountain Recreation is sensitive to the needs of the wider range of forest users. Our extensive employee training ensures that all employees, from maintenance staff to camp hosts understand the partnership between our guests and our staff.

Our staff will be happy to use our decades of managerial experience to ensure you and your family enjoy the camping or boating experience you are looking for. From our headquarters in Southern California, our goal is to provide a clean, safe and enjoyable place for you to enjoy the outdoors.