Rocket Courier

  • 1200 Whipple Road, Union City, CA, USA
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We transport goods as a third party contractor through an existing chain. Looking for willing workers to operate truck and home delivery services such as furniture/ appliances set ups.

New tuck plus equipment!

Also offering a basic loader position which offers $50-60 cash for just 2 hours of work.                             (Just help us to get the products onto the truck)

===============================                                                                                                       MUST HAVE A CLEAN BACKGROUND

Basic Duties:

• Operate a 26ft box truck (Paid training included).                                                                                        •Required to lift heavy appliances as well as TV's (Again training and equipment will be included).    • Customer service will be expected of each driver and communication is key to successful deliveries!  ( We will go over all of the basics with this).                                                                                 • Maintenance and condition of truck. ( No scratches or dents to the vehicle. Truck must be cleaned daily).

Operation Hours:

Monday-Wednesday/ Friday-Saturday (5 days a week).

(For the time being the company we work for are not operating Thursdays and Sundays but will change once the holiday season comes around).

6:15-6:30AM (GENERAL START TIME) to 1-3:30PM (GENERAL END TIME)                                               (We will go over the logistics of this since this is a delivery service and all depends on completion.

We offer bonus upon completion of certain amounts of routes plus overtime.

Keep 100% of tips.