About us

SacJobs.com is pleased to announce the launch of its brand new website. 

This website offers a significant enhancement to the prior version, featuring improvements in user navigation and search functionality in addition to a more modern and streamlined look and feel.

Job Seeker features include: Upload resume and cover letter - Interactive video resume - Custom resume profile URLs - Instant email alerts 

Job seekers have many ways to find jobs and apply for them. Whether its by using a quick search, advanced search or job agent, job seekers are matched with what they're looking for.

Upload resume and cover letter in Microsoft Word, PDF or text format. Set the privacy setting on each uploaded resume. Hide information from your profile, including name, phone number, email, photos, videos, and location.

Besides traditional resumes, job seekers can upload a video resume, which personalize candidates to employers. Every candidate also receives a custom profile URL which can be distributed to employers.

Job seekers can set up a Job Agent by choosing location, category, and keywords. When a job is posted that matches the criteria, you will be notified promptly by email.

Employer features include: Applicant tracking - Upload jobs from an Excel file - Free screener questions to weed out unqualified candidates - Employer profile - Resume searching - Job Wrapping

Get alerts when a new job seekers signs up that matches your job criteria. Also use an applicant tracking system within your account to manage jobs. Approving or declining candidates is easy. You can view everyone who has applied, or narrow down to see the applicants for a particular job.

Choose to upload jobs in bulk using comma, pipe, colon, semicolon, and tab delimited files. This reduces job posting time significantly.

Screeners allow employers to create an unlimited number of questions that candidates must answer before their application is submitted. Questions can be multiple choice, yes/no, a drop-down, or a free text field. The interface is straightforward and easy to use, and employers can create a template screener if they plan to reuse the same one for future job postings.

Find a job in Sacramento and find jobs online today!

If you have any questions or need assistance, please call 916-455-6677 or email us.