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Because we function as the Governor’s chief fiscal policy advisor, our employees work on issues and programs that are of concern to the Governor, the Legislature, and the people of California. Working at the Department of Finance (Finance) provides unique opportunities for learning the operations of State government and shaping public policy and processes in one of the largest economies in the world. Finance serves as the Governor’s chief fiscal policy advisor and promotes long-term economic sustainability and responsible resource allocation. Professional career paths at Finance include:

  • Accounting Policies and System Support – The Fiscal Systems and Consulting Unit (FSCU) sets statewide fiscal and accounting policies and procedures. The unit provides fiscal and accounting training, advice, and consulting services to departments to ensure that the state’s assets are protected, and that accurate and timely financial information is maintained. FSCU provides guidance on statewide fund reconciliation, administers the federal Cash Management Improvement Act and statewide cost allocation plans. The unit participates in the development of statewide financial systems and represents the state on a variety of accounting and federal issues. 
  • Administration – The Administrative Services Unit provides Finance employees with support and customer service in many areas such as business services, human resources, information technology, learning and development, and Finance’s operating budget. 
  • Budget and Policy – The budget and policy units are responsible for a wide range of fiscal policy responsibilities, including the preparation, enactment, and administration of the Governor’s Budget. Staff work with top management of state government and legislative staff regarding fiscal and programmatic policies of the Administration. Budget and policy staff also provide fiscal and programmatic analyses of legislative bills and make recommendations to the Governor and the Legislature. 
  • Demographic, Economic Research, and Revenue and Taxation – These units are responsible for monitoring and forecasting the state’s population, economic, and tax revenue trends to support all fiscal and the Finance 2019 Leadership Accountability Report December 31, 2019 Page 1 of 8 policy decisions. The Demographic Research unit is designated as the single official source of demographic data and enrollment and population projections for state planning and budgeting. The Economic Research unit develops California economic data, prepares economic forecasts, and provides advice on economic policy issues. The Financial Research unit builds and maintains revenue forecasting models, provides revenue forecasts to assist the Executive Branch in preparing the state budget, and analyzes regulations and developments affecting tax laws.
  • Office of State Audits and Evaluations – OSAE supports Finance in supervising the state’s financial and business policies and conserving the state’s rights, interests, and resources through independent financial audits and objective evaluations of state programs and policies, and other related services. Also, OSAE monitors and coordinates statewide State Leadership Accountability Act compliance, issues Audit Memos to provide instruction to departments and internal audit organizations, promotes bond accountability through ongoing oversight activities, and coordinates and carries out the state’s responsibility related to the federal Single Audit Act
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Would you like to conduct special studies on fiscal issues that impact the state? Do you have a desire to support state departments on accounting policies and procedures?  If you are ready to expand your career and lead the state’s accounting workforce, join the Department of Finance as an Associate Administrative Analyst (Accounting Systems) in the Fiscal Systems and Consulting Unit!  Title: Associate Administrative Analyst (Accounting Systems) Company: The State of California, Department of Finance Unit: Fiscal Systems and Consulting Unit (FSCU) Application Deadline : September 29, 2023 Important: This position is eligible for an additional recruitment and retention pay differential (10% in the first year, and 15% in the second year). Finance has implemented a hybrid telework model, which requires employees to work in the office for a minimum of two days during the workweek. The hybrid policy is subject to change, and additional...